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Charming Connections
Handcrafted Jewelry that touches the Soul

About Us


Charming Connection was developed because I saw a need for myself and others who needed help dealing with anxiety, getting through those periods of intense depression and loneliness, and to remind me of all those important things when life shows up and kicks the heck out of us.


Our handmade charms that are connected to bracelets and necklaces, and, consequently, to our bodies and lives, give us courage, hope, love, joy, peace and remind us, when needed, that we can deal with and overcome our unsettling feelings. Tactile and ever present, the Charming Connections jewelry helps ground and bring positive energy into our lives and into the lives of those around us. We know we have no control over other people, world events and suffering. But, we can control ourselves - our reactions, actions and perspectives - and what we want to focus on.


Fun, fashion forward, wearable, mind altering, and inspiring tools, Charming Connections jewelry helps us stay grounded, achieve goals and remind us that we are not alone and we are loved. That FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) can be outweighed by HOPE (Have Only Positive Expectation) and our jewelry has helped remind people who wear it that we are awesome and all we have is right now, the present and a wonderful gift of life.

Thank you for considering supporting our small business. Everything we do is done with love. We are a place where everyone is welcome.


With Peace and Blessings,

~ heidE and your friends at Charming Connections

Rebalancing anxiety tool sodalite and charms
Hematite, agate. onyx genuine gemstones for healing anxiety depression

About heidE


heidE Eliasov Hodes is a mother, was a daughter, sister, friend, business owner, addict in recovery, entrepreneur, creative creature and so much more.  Juggling hats, dealing with life as it shows up, a time traveller (past and future) and just another person.  


There was a time in my life when I believed I was less than garbage, a non entity, just a human…doing. I was devoid of joy, hope, real laughter and joy. Since 2018, I have lost both my parents, battled my struggles with addiction, blown out my colon, had septicemia, had four major surgeries, walked away and got divorced from a 25-year relationship, purchased my own home and my own car with my own money … which is crazy.  I also raised two amazing sons, watched them go to college, closed over $12 million in real estate deals all while battling with depression and anxiety.  

I desired something different in my life and developed these wearable fun tools for me. I used them to walk through fear, remember that I am loved and that things will pass and, most of all, that everything will be ok. Because Charming Connections worked for me I decided tha it’s my purpose to offer them to the world so other people like me can find solace, share hope, share love and stay connected during good and bad times.

The basis for Charming Connections resulted from conversations that I had with my most amazing friend, Kira Sanders. Hyper creative and enthusiastic, she encouraged us to start and came up with the name Charming Connections. Sadly, she took her life in 2021, leaving a deep hole in me, which I have filled with her spirited intentions.


My friend Richie S.  gave me the encouragement and courage, (I borrowed some of his), to follow my dream and I am so so grateful. The weirdest thing is by pursuing my dream, I got the greatest gift of all. Yes, it’s taken me 56 years to find, create and cement a loving, fun, caring, nurturing love affair with the most amazing person in my life. A person who every day gets the opportunity to choose how to approach the day, choosing happy and living with joy, consideration, kindness, and who chooses to do the next right thing. Who is honest, willing and open to learn new things, try new things, lend a helping hand and who is an incredible friend irrespective of what others are doing, feeling or saying.  Who shares from the heart and loves me unconditionally, my best friend, myself, ME.


By being my own best friend I can be a great friend to other people and we have a community of powerful friends who change lives by starting by changing our own, learning to love ourselves, share our stories and connect on a deeper level.


With Peace and Blessings,

~ heidE and your friends at Charming Connections

Heidi Eliasov Hodes HeidE being HeidE

"I have given hundreds of bracelets and necklaces away. Sometimes to those struggling, sometimes to those amazing people who are being of service and sometimes just to make someone smile because getting a gift always makes us smile. I love being part of a solution…paying it forward.  Yes, kindness is contagious and so is love."

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