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Bracelet tool made with genuine gemstones and crystals believed to aid in self-love, emotional healing & balance, as well as stress reduction.

  • Pink Quartz
  • Cherry Quartz

Embedded bead messages:

  • Peace
  • Hearts


Enhance the individuality of this bracelet by incorporating clip-on charms from our catalog (as shown in the image above).


Crafted with meticulous care and infused with love, this bracelet is a symbol of hope and is shared with profound gratitude. Stay connected with us on Instagram @connectingthemessage


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for being truly amazing, for embracing your unique self, and for supporting our business.

Loving relationship and motivation bracelet Cherry Quartz & Pink Quartz

  • Bracelet sizes:
    Our standard size bracelet is 7 1/4 inch, if you need it bigger or smaller add your size

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